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5-day private tour taking place in Central and Northern Greece. Take the chance to see the navel of the earth in Delphi, the monasteries of Meteora, the royal Macedonian tombs in Vergina, the birthplace of Alexander the Great in Pella, the historical city of Thessaloniki, the mountain of Olympus where the sacred place of the Macedonians Dion was located.

Pick up/drop off
English speaking driver
Free bottled water
Entrance fees
Local licensed guide in the sites
Licensed guide for the entire tour
Luxury Mercedes sedan (1-3 passengers )
Luxury Mercedes Minivan (1-7 passengers)
Luxury Mercedes Minibus (5-17 passengers)
All vehicles are non smoking
NO cancellation fee if you cancel at least 48 hours prior to your service date
  • Since all the tours we offer are private we have the flexibility to discuss with you any changes you wish to make in the itinerary.
  • During summer time because of the hot climate conditions in Greece we always suggest you to wear light clothes, bring with you a hat and sunscreen and make sure to wear non-slipper comfortable shoes due to the slippery terrain in the archaeological sites.
  • Also we always provide child seats or boosters whenever is needed with no extra cost. In case there are children between the passengers and you need a child seat we can provide it with no extra cost.
Day 1
Our Delphi, Meteora, Vergina, Pella, Thessaloniki and Dion 5-day tour starts by driving towards north. We will exit the national highway and we will pass by the village of Leivadia and after 30min of driving we will stop right outside of Arachova to capture a wonderful panoramic view of the village. We will drive through the picturesque small streets of Arachova (famous for the carpets) and a few minutes later we will arrive in Delphi.

First you will visit the Temple of Athena Pronea and the Castalian Spring. Right after you will visit the archaeological site Of Delphi and you will admire the Royal Thrones, the Athenian Treasury, the Roman Agora, the Theater, the Stadium and the Temple of Apollo where the priestess Pythia was giving her prophesies.

Continuing you will admire the exhibits of the archaeological museum of Delphi and later you will relax and enjoy your lunch in a traditional Greek restaurant with an amazing view. We will continue our Delphi and Meteora 2-day tour by driving through the mountains heading towards Lamia town.

Continuing further north and passing through beautiful landscapes and the towns of Domokos, Trikala and Karditsa we will arrive in the town of Kalampaka. We will check in at the hotel where you will take some rest and then we will head to Meteora for a sunset tour, later we will drive you back to the town of Kalampaka for dinner.

Day 2

We will start our second day after your breakfast by visiting the monasteries in Meteora. The route to the monasteries is breathtaking and very scenic among the rocks, we will make several stops to capture in pictures the unique beauty. This wild and inaccessible place attracted Christian hermits as early as the 10th and 11th centuries, with official operation of the monasteries beginning in the 14th century. At their peak, there were about 24 monasteries in operation. However, today only 6 of them remain active. The area has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will have time to visit the 3 most important monasteries and after numerous beautiful pictures you will take, its time to enjoy your lunch in a traditional restaurant.

After lunch we will take head northeast. We will cross forests, villages, rural areas and after 2 ½ hours, we will approach the city of Veria. There, we will check in at your accommodation.

Day 3

We will start our third day after your breakfast day and we will visit Vergina (the site of ancient Aigai) which was the first capital of Macedonia. There, you will admire the tombs of ancient Macedonians and especially the tomb of Philip II of Macedon, the father of Alexander the Great. You will be amazed by the exhibits made of gold, the atmosphere, the view of the entrance of the tomb is breathtaking! Not far away is the Palace of Philip. Leaving Vergina behind us, we will head north, and after 50 minutes we will reach ancient Pella, which was the second capital of Macedonia. Ancient Pella was founded by Archelaus I of Macedon (413-399 BC) and had its greatest prosperity during the reign of Philip II (360-336 BC).

You will visit the archaeological site with its beautiful mosaics, as well as the archaeological museum, which is amazing and rich in exhibits . After your visit, you will have lunch at a local restaurant. After lunch we will head east, and after 1 hour driving we will arrive in the second largest city of Greece, Thessaloniki. We will check in at the hotel and in the evening you can dine and have fun in the traditional and famous Ladadika area.

Day 4

We will start our fourth day after your breakfast and we will visit the White Tower, the Archaeological Museum, The Arch of Galerius (known as “Kamara”), the Rotunda, the church of Agios Dimitrios with its underground catacombs, the Roman forum and our last stop will be the Heptapyrgion castle, also known by its Ottoman Turkish name Yedi Kule, a Byzantine and Ottoman-era fortress situated on the north-eastern corner of Thessaloniki.

Next you will have lunch at a local restaurant and in the afternoon, after we finish our tour, we will leave the city and head south. After about one hour we will reach at the foothills of Olympus and check in at our accommodation in the traditional village of Litochoro. In the evening you can walk, explore the village and dine in a local restaurant.

Day 5

After your breakfast, we will start our last day by visiting the archaeological site and the museum of Dion. The archaeological site is very big and full of big trees. You will see the ruins of the old sacred city of Macedonians, the Roman theater, the temple of Isis, the public baths and the villa of Dionysus. In the museum, there is a prominent position for the “Hydraulis of Dion”, which is considered to be the oldest keyboard instrument in the world.

After you complete your visit we will drive you at the foothill of mountain Olympus, which was considered the house of the Greek Gods. You will have lunch in a refuge while admiring the amazing view. We will have our last stop at the famous battlefield of Thermopylae and you will get the chance to walk on the very same place where the battle between the 300 Spartans and the Persians took place in 480 B.C. and you will also admire the statue of glorious King Leonidas that stands there to remind us the bravery of the Spartans. The tour ends by driving you back to Athens.

  • Arachova
  • Temple of Athena Pronea
  • Castalian Spring
  • Delphi site (Temple of Apollo, Athenian treasury, Roman Agora, Theater, Stadium)
  • Delphi Museum
  • Kalampaka
  • Kastraki
  • Meteora monasteries
  • Vergina museum
  • Ancient Pella
  • Ancient Pella museum
  • Thessaloniki (White tower, Archaeological museum, Arch of Galerius, Rotunda, Roman forum, Heptapyrgion)
  • Olympus
  • Dion site
  • Dion museum
  • Thermopylae
  • Hot Springs
  • Leonidas statue

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